Friday, September 21, 2012


Welcome to Skillets.Sneakers.Style! This started as an abstract idea, after lots of discussions about how we wished there was a place that combined the features we love about our favorite blogs, but that perhaps catered more realistically to our busy lifestyles.  We both love cooking, especially healthy meals, but our time in the evening is limited after a long day of work.  Similarly, we love exercise, particularly running, but finding a workable routine and maintaining motivation can be difficult.  Lastly, we love clothes and the idea of creating a beautiful and comfortable home.  However, our day jobs are more conservative environments and our budgets are limited.  So while we would love to wear that trendy new piece from Roberto Cavalli, chances are it is both inappropriate for our work places and is way beyond any budget we could dream of.  So finally, after a lot of talk we created Skillets.Sneakers.Style to be a place for us to write about three of our favorite things in a realistic way: cooking, running & fashion/design.  We have some great plans for this blog that we are both really excited to begin sharing with all of you.  Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

M & H

P.S. We're both Washingtonians, please enjoy these beautiful views

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