Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Quick and Easy DIY Cork Board

Since I posted about my inspirations for making over my home office space here I've been very motivated and focused to get the process started.  So far I've managed to collect the artwork I plan to hang, and I believe I may have finally found my storage solution (that will be saved for a later post though).  As I have been contemplating the functionality of this space, and planning the wall arrangement for my artwork and photos I realized I could really use a cork board on the wall as well to keep important items in plain sight.  I needed a long and skinny one, however, to hang just above the desk, but below everything else.  I searched around online and could not find anything quite the right shape or size.  

With inspiration from this Pottery Barn organization collection, as well as this Young House Love post in the back of my mind I realized I could easily make exactly what I wanted myself.  

I found the same 4 pack of square cork boards at Target used in the YHL post for about $7.  I also luckily had an old long, skinny, white picture frame hiding in the back of one of my closets, unused for several years.

I removed the mat and the glass from the frame.  Then, using the backing as my template I marked my cork squares to the correct width.

I could not find an exacto knife in my home, so I used regular scissors to cut the cork, which worked just fine.  I would recommend an exacto knife, though, if you have one for a cleaner cut.

I then placed the cork pieces inside the frame, and used the adhesive squares that came with the pack to adhere the frame backing.

And then VOILA!  An attractive, functional, custom cork board is born!

I still need to actually hang it, but you can get some idea of how it will look from this photo (and notice how much less cluttered it is since the photo from this post).  I can't wait to finish this makeover!

Have any of you made a custom cork board before?  What other small DIY projects have you tackled lately?

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