Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Moodlifter: Deck the Halls!

Christmas is one week from tomorrow!  Kind of crazy really, it seems like December just started.  Every year we tell ourselves: "This is the year we'll really be on top of things and really decorate for the holidays!"  And typically we manage to do the basics, like put up a tree (even a table top one counts), and string around a few lights, H even gets as far as stockings.  We still never manage to go as all out as we would like, though, because before we know it the holidays have come and gone.  So, this post is really to help us prepare for next year.  Here are five adorable holiday decor ideas we love, and hope to use as a guide when we hit-up Target post Dec. 25 to snag some great decor items on sale.  Enjoy!

This adorable table set-up includes a sweet winter terrarium, which is actually super easy to make.  In fact there's no reason we couldn't put one of these together by next Monday for ourselves (assuming we can manage a trip to Michael's before then).  The tutorial can be found over on Kelle Hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things.

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What a festive mantel!  Everything from the hanging stars, to the greenery and red and silver accents just shouts "JOY".  Even if you don't have a fireplace mantel, you could probably still create a similar look across a wall shelf, or even a console table.  There's no rule that stockings have to be hung from a fireplace.

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Again, this is such a simple idea we can't believe we haven't taken the time to put something like this together ourselves yet.  Simply use a large empty vase, or other glass container, and drop in extra ornaments that didn't fit on the tree.  You can use whatever color scheme you want, and place these anywhere around your home to add some extra cheer.

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Who doesn't love presents?  So why not use some for decoration!?  Just wrap up a few empty boxes with pretty paper and ribbon and place them in various spots around your home, but maybe not under your tree, that could get confusing.

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This idea actually has us a little teary-eyed, in a good way though.  How special and personal to use old family holiday photos to decorate at this time of year.  This is an especially sweet idea if your family can't all be together for the holiday.

Hopefully these have sparked some ideas for you guys!  We know we plan to pick up some extra ornaments and cheap vases once the sales start on Dec. 26 so we can actually be prepared next year. 

How do you decorate for the holidays?  Do you go all out, or are you more like us and are simply happy if you get the basics up in time?

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