Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Moodlifter: Splurges Worth Saving For

Well, today is the last day of 2012.  We hope you all have fun plans for tonight, whether they be going to a party or watching the ball drop from your living room.  

While we typically prefer to shop more affordable, mid-range brands, occasionally we find pieces that are worth spending a little more on in return for the quality with which they are made.  So, in honor of the decadent feeling New Year's Eve seems to inspire within us, we figured it would be fun to share the splurge items we think are worth saving up a bit for.  Oh, and of course even with these items we do our best to find a good deal, which is why we recommend subscribing to sites like Rue La La and Gilt.  We have been lucky enough to save as much as 50-60% on some items through these sites.

Kate Spade Charlotte Street Miles Purse
A good, quality, basic purse is essential.  We're not talking about a fun, fashion purse, we're talking about the purse you use almost everyday.  We find tote style purses to be the most functional, but whatever style you prefer we highly recommend spending the money to get a good one.  In our early 20s, when we had little disposable income, we would buy the cheap $20 purses from Target.  These worked well enough, however typically 4-6 months later they would break and we'd be back looking for a new one.  Eventually we realized that spending a few hundred dollars up front on one good quality purse would actually be more cost efficient than constantly spending $20-$30 to replace cheap ones.  We both currently have Kate Spade purses we love, therefore we can speak for this brand and say that it is worth the money, but there are definitely other quality brands out there so feel free to shop around and find something you adore.

Michael Kors Blair Watch
There is something about a nice, basic watch that says "I am an adult professional" to us.  We prefer a metal link strap to leather ones which can wear, crack and fray.  For a basic watch we also prefer simple, non-flashy designs.  A little sparkle, like that shown above, is fine, but we would stay away from bright colors or too much sparkle.

Cole Haan Chelsea Pump
If you work in an office like we do then you should definitely have a good pair of basic, black pumps.  Patent leather has become acceptable even in more conservative offices it seems, and we really love the polish it adds to a basic pencil skirt and suit jacket.  Cole Haan, in our opinion, is the epitome of the quality work pump.  The Nike Air technology incorporated into their heels makes them the most comfortable for all day wear.  While the shoes are definitely pricey, we suggest subscribing to Cole Haan emails.  They tend to have large 60% off sales a few times a year which means you can score a $200 pair of shoes for less than $100, it's how we've managed to add these shoes to our closet.

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Newbury Slim Wallet

The reasons to splurge on a good wallet are the same as the ones for splurging on a good purse.  This is an item that you use almost every day, and buying cheap ones is just throwing away money because of the frequency with which you will have to replace them.  Wallets are also a good item to have a little fun with. Because it will hide in your purse and only be seen occasionally, why not choose one in a fun color, which can also make it easier to spot in your purse.

Chantelle Rive Gauche Demi Cup Bra
Every woman deserves to own at least one, although preferably more, really nice set of lingerie.  Putting it on makes you feel special, sexy, and feminine all at once.  It's an especially nice feeling when it's a style that can be worn under your regular clothes without notice, it's a secret you can walk around with all day.  So take some time to walk into that super fancy lingerie store, we promise your husbands won't mind the credit card statement for this particular splurge.

These are our splurge items, what are yours?

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