Friday, December 7, 2012

One Dish Fish

Fish can be an intimidating protein to cook.  If done well it will be a star dish, but if done wrong it can be disastrous.  I like to incorporate fish into my diet as much as healthily possible.  I also like to ensure I  am getting plenty of vegetables, and not just green ones.  So having a recipe that incorporates both of these elements, as well as being fast and easy, and only using one cooking dish is my own personal miracle.

I have to say up front this recipe is not 100% my own creation.  I found the base of this recipe years ago online.  I no longer remember where, in fact I have since thrown away the printed recipe.  Over the years, though, I have added my own modifications, mostly to include more vegetables.  This dish is a great simple, healthy meal that also makes for a quick clean-up.  The original recipe called for Tilapia, however I have found that any light white fish will work.  The photos in this post are using European Plaice which just happened to be the fish on sale at my store this week.

1 Bag Ready to Eat Leaf Spinach (I do not recommend using frozen spinach)
3-4 White Fish Fillets (Tilapia or similar)
1 Can Petit Diced Tomatoes (you can dice your own, you would probably need 4-5 tomatoes)
1 Can Vacuum Packed Corn
3-4 Scallions
2 Tbs Vegetable or Chicken Stock
Cajun or Creole Seasoning
Onion Powder
Garlic Salt  

Step 1:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Empty the bag of spinach into a large baking dish.  I use my large lasagna pan.  Sprinkle the spinach with onion powder and garlic salt.

Step 2:

Season the fillets with the Cajun or Creole seasoning to your liking.  If you prefer you may also skip this step, but I do recommend at least a little salt and pepper seasoning.

Step 3:

Drain the can of tomatoes and distribute the tomatoes and corn over the top of the fillets.

Step 4:

Dice the scallions and sprinkle on top of everything.

Step 5:

Add 2 Tbs of vegetable or chicken stock to the pan. It might seem like you should add more, but trust me this will be enough to create steam to wilt the spinach.

Step 6:

Cover your baking dish with foil and place in the oven for 20-30 minutes, when the fish flakes easily with a fork it is done.

Step 7:

Enjoy!  I like to serve with a couple pieces of garlic bread.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, if you try it please drop by and leave a comment to let me know how it turned out!


  1. I will make this next week! Sounds yummy!

  2. Definitely let me know how it turns out!