Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Moodlifter - To A Tee!

I do love pretty clothes, and I enjoy dressing up for work during the week.  However, come the weekend I have to admit that my basic look consists of t-shirts and jeans.  I do add various accessories like cardigans, fun earrings, or sometimes a long necklace, but in general I stick with my comfortable cotton uniform.  This time of year, with spring oh so close, is when I like to stock up on new, basic tees in fun colors.  So here are the styles and colors i'm looking for this year.

Loft Sunwashed Tee

Some of my favorite tees come from Loft.  They are inexpensive, wear well, and come in so many colors.  I love this pinkish red color in the sunwashed v-neck style.  It's bright and cheery.

Loft Sunwashed Tee

See, I told you the Loft tees are my favorite.  And yes, this is simply the exact same tee as above in a different color.  I really like this green and it's a color my current collection is lacking.

GAP Rugby Stripe Roll-Sleeve Tee

 While I do like bright solid colors, I also love a good stripe.  This rugby stripe tee with the yellow and grey is perfect.

J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee
There is something about a bright yellow shirt, be it a tee or a sweater.  I don't think I could ever wear a shirt this color and not be happy, it just brightens up a room in fun way.

Loft Linen Tee
Bright colors are obviously my favorite, however I do appreciate a softer look as well.  This pale pink in a linen material is feminine without being too little girlish.

What's your favorite basic outfit?  Are you a t-shirt and jeans girl like myself, or do you prefer to dress up or down a little more?

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