Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taking A Leap

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First off, major apologies for last week.  We have a goal to have at least 3-4 posts a week, but ideally 5, and last week folks things just weren't happening.  First I (H) was still recovering from the flu, which was horrendous, and M has been extremely busy with work and a new four legged addition to her little family.  Additionally I have to confess that my focus has been directed at a different project I have in the works.  Since this project is going to be taking a lot of my time and energy away from the blog for the next few weeks I figure I owe it you all to share what it is.

To start I want to clarify that I love my day job, and I feel a lot of passion for the work that I do there.  It is beyond amazing to see something you worked so hard to create have a major and meaningful impact on people.  However, it's not all rainbows and sunshine, the industry I work in can eat a person alive.  It can be very demoralizing to spend potentially years devoted to a particular project and in the end watch someone else change all of the work you've done in a way you don't agree with, and yet have no power to change.  After more than 5 years in my industry people are shocked to see that I have somehow still managed to maintain so much optimism and passion, and they want to know how.  My secret is simple though, I leave work at work.  I've spent the past several years devoting my free time to various hobbies, figuring out what else I'm passionate about.  I have many hobbies, I crochet, knit, quilt, cook, DIY, and I adore photography.  I know the photography on the blog so far has been a bit lacking (a new lens should be helping that soon), but to be honest food and project photography are not my strong suit, I love people photography.  Over the past few years I have been doing more and more photography for friends, and this is where my new personal project comes in. 

I have day dreamed about starting my own photography business for awhile, but I've been very scared.  I've been scared that I'm not good enough, of putting myself out there publicly and potentially failing, and just plain scared that other people might see me start my business and laugh at me (crazy I know).  Luckily I have some amazing friends who have been beyond supportive and encouraging, and so yes I am announcing here and now that I am opening my own photography business!  I have registered an LLC for myself, procured my EIN, and will be obtaining my business license at the end of this week!  I am beyond excited about this little adventure, albeit still scared of failing.  I am not quitting my day job though, this will be something on the side just completely for myself, and I like it that way.  This arrangement a) allows me to maintain financial stability, and b) takes some of the pressure off.  If I only book 3 shoots this whole year, it's ok, I won't have to consider that failing, in fact I would call that a huge success.

So why, at 29, with a really good, stable job am I deciding to open my own side business?  Well, basically I don't want to look back on my life in 20 years and think "what if?"  Also, after a lot of introspection and soul searching I eventually realized that my fear of living an incomplete life outweighed my fear of failure, and ultimately that's what this adventure is about, living a complete life and being true to who I am.  I am finally proud to acknowledge that I consider myself a creative person, and if I don't indulge this part of myself I feel an emptiness.  I am tired of daydreaming and I feel ready to take action.  I know there will be bumps along the way, but I also feel confident now that any challenges will be well worth it.  I've also embraced the idea that if I do fail I will still have succeeded because I tried.

So I am now heavily focused on creating my business website and figuring out my branding, and this will take me a little bit of time to get in order.  I will still be posting to the blog, but potentially with a little less frequency for the next few weeks.  And once I launch I promise to include all of you readers in the announcement.  In the meantime, check out the wonderful logo my friend over at gypsysoul created for me!


  1. Just wanted to say, I loved reading this post. Thanks for providing some insight and inspiration! I'm so excited to see your photos :) Keep on truckin' girlfriend.

  2. Go for it, Heather. Best of luck. Eager to talk more about this when we see you this weekend.